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What’s Hot in the Kitchen!

Upper Edge Products recently talked to trend experts to determine what to expect in the kitchen industry for 2021/2022.


If there is one thing getting designers hot and bothered for 2021, its marble. 2021 is anticipated to see a significant come back of prominently veined and textured marbles being used as splash backs, counter tops as well as cabinetry.


Whether it is veneered board or solid timber, wood is expecting a revival. There is nothing like the sensation of running your fingers across a wooden surface. Our senses are enticed by the aroma and exclusivity of natural woodgrain designs. This sensation can only be found by products produced by mother nature herself. One cannot substitute the originality of nature’s design.


Unexpected colour pairings provide a palette of opportunity for kitchen design. Explore with colour when selecting paint, appliances, flooring, window treatments and cabinetry. Colour can make a space come alive by adding dimensions of complimenting and contrasting hues.


Technological advancements in push-open and close doors have allowed for seamless wall and base cabinetry designs. Handleless kitchens provide a sleek, simple and streamlined look which will most definitely trend in 2021.


Open, exposed shelves are coming back in a big way. Open shelves allow you the opportunity to showcase heirlooms, art and kitchenware within an easily accessible space.

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