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Upper Edge Products are proud to offer an excellent range of hot melt products to various industries such as Packaging, General Assembly, Bookbinding, Woodworking, Bedding (pocket spring and mattress assembly), Filter, Bottle Labelling and Straw Attaching.

We are able to offer a wide range of products to meet various packaging materials, production speed, packaging technology, working temperature, storage and transport demands. Upper Edge Products are the sole distributor of Tex Year Products within South Africa.


Founded in 1976, Tex Year has 4 decades of experience within the hot melt industry and currently distribute to 90 countries around the world. Tex Year has 9 factories and 6 research and development centres around the globe.

The Tex Year brand has become synonymous with their core values which are:

  1. Environmental Protection – Social care and a green supply chain
  2. Reassurance – International certification and accreditation
  3. Innovation – Creating customer value and technical service through innovation

Tex Year’s full range of products coincide with the EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive),  SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern of the EU REACH regulation) and qualified from CCEP (China Certification for Environmental Products) for its establishment of a completely “ green supply chain”. Tex Year Products are ISO certified and FDA Approved.


Packaging adhesive requires strength and durability. Tex Year has greatly invested into Research & Development in order to assure that their products are world class, workable, stable, safe, consistent and highly effective throughout a wide range of ambient temperatures and climates.

As the designated supplier for global brands, Tex Year offers a wide range of packaging adhesives which are ideal for corrugated boxes, corrugated cartons, colour boxes, colour cartons and food containers. Tex Year products have been tried, tested and approved by leading Agricultural, Fishery and Food and Beverage institutions throughout the world.

Our range of EVA and Polyolefin products have been handpicked to cater to South African packhouses and works exceptionally well for local distribution as well as exports. Upper Edge Products offer a cost-effective hotmelt solution that is ideal for both high and low temperatures.


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