Interior Design Trends in 2022

We recently interviewed industry experts to determine which interior design trends you should look out for in 2022. 

70’s Retro Influence

A nostalgic revival style that started in fashion is going to be popular again in 2022. Because some styles just never get old. 70’s Retro is being reborn. This time with a bold and dramatic vengeance.

90’s Urban Influence

Street art is back with a contemporary feel. This urban movement has transitioned indoors and is adding a vibrant flair to modern interior design.

Glass Glass Glass

Glass elements such as lighting, vases, statues and dividers will creates a dynamic between interior and outdoor living that is inspiring for 2022. Glass is a sustainable material that adds light, depth, texture and a stylized finish within interior design.

Organic Materials

There’s an increasing awareness in having natural pieces. Elements such as cork, wicker, raw wood and stone will highlight the interior design trend this 2022 season.

50 Shades of GREEN

Nature will remain present in interiors for 2022. Considered the most restful colour for the eyes, green can release a sense of calmness and security when used in interior design.

Back to basics

There are two factors in choosing a colour. The main trend until 2021 was “naturalness,” and the pandemic only exacerbated it.

Most individuals expect calm and relaxation, multiplied by comfort for 2022. Therefore, many people like the neutral shades. This, includes the basic colours in the form of black, white and shades of grey, as well as muted tones. Other colours for 2022 include classic the whole palette of shades of blue which was the 2021 favourite.

Rounded shapes

Softness and feminine forms are at their peak today and this applies to architectural solutions, and the choice of furniture, and decor. This is not a new trend, but it was formed not so long ago. Today, strict lines and layouts are softened by furniture without corners.


Minimalist is recognized as the fashionable interior of 2022. During the pandemic, many tried to get rid of old non-functional things. And this affected not only the wardrobe, but also at home.

The presence of air and free space is the main requirement for an apartment or home. Form is a key element in minimalism. This is the style that requires modern solutions. Minimalism is directly related to colour. A soft palette in beige and grey is very relevant today in such rooms.

Inspiration from nature

One of the main trends in the interior for 2022 is combining elements of nature. The amalgamation of colour and textures activate the senses and ground us to our earthly origin. The most popular textures to combine and explore are stone, onyx, marble, granite and wood.

Home Garden

The latest interior design trend in 2022 is home gardening. This is a global trend that has developed due to the desire of reaching closeness to nature during the pandemic. A recent study shows that a room containing indoor plants sparks creativity, peacefulness and a sense of calm.

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