Durante&Vivan offers a rich and constantly evolving range of high-performance and sustainable woodworking adhesives.

Upper Edge Products are proud suppliers of Durante&Vivan Hotmelt Adhesives for edge banding and profile wrapping. Durante&Vivan offers an extensive, constantly-evolving range of high-performance adhesives, that have been developed with a ‘green’ framework in mind.

Its ecological commitment is made official by the possession of the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification , demonstrating that Durante&Vivan have an adequate management system in place to control the impact of its activities on the environment.



Duditerm 580

Bag Size: 25Kg
Base: EVA
Viscosity (MPAS) / Temperature (°C): 80000 (at 200°C)
Application Temperature (°C): 200-220
Softening Point (°C): 107
Density (G/CM³): 1,1
Features: Hot melt for high speed edge banding machines. With high heat resistance.

Duditerm 544

Bag Size: 25Kg
Base: EVA
Viscosity (MPAS) / Temperature (°C): 110000 (at 200°C)
Application Temperature (°C): 200-220
Softening Point (°C): 104
Density (G/CM³): 1,3
Features: Universal hot melt for straight edge banding.

Duditerm 550

Bag Size: 25Kg
Base: EVA
Viscosity (MPAS) / Temperature (°C): 60000-80000 (at 200°C)
Application Temperature (°C): 180-200
Softening Point (°C): 97 – 107 R&B
Density (G/CM³): 1,4
Features: High green strength, fast melting, high cohesion and heat resistance, best suited to medium speed straight edge-banders.


Duditerm D51

Bag Size: 20Kg
Base: 1K PU Dispersion
Viscosity (MPAS) / Temperature (°C): 1850 (at 20°C)
Application Temperature (°C): > 60
Softening Point (°C): 40
Density (G/CM³): 7,5
Features: One-component polyurethane dispersion

Duditerm D12/4

Bag Size: 18Kg
Base: 2K PU Dispersion
Viscosity (MPAS) / Temperature (°C): 2K PU Dispersion
Application Temperature (°C): > 60
Softening Point (°C): 40
Density (G/CM³): 7
Features: Medium viscous polyurethane dispersion for 3D thermoforming

Duditerm D15/4

Bag Size: 18Kg
Base: PU Dispersion
Viscosity (MPAS) / Temperature (°C): 1100 (at 20°C)
Application Temperature (°C): 60 – 80
Softening Point (°C): Approx 90 deg
Solid Content: 40%
Features: Very good spray-ability

Packaging adhesive requires strength and durability. Tex Year has greatly invested into Research & Development in order to assure that their products are world class, workable, stable, safe, consistent and highly effective throughout a wide range of ambient temperatures and climates.

As the designated supplier for global brands, Tex Year offers a wide range of packaging adhesives which are ideal for corrugated boxes, corrugated cartons, colour boxes, colour cartons and food containers. Tex Year products have been tried, tested and approved by leading Agricultural, Fishery and Food and Beverage institutions throughout the world.
Our range of EVA and Polyolefin products have been handpicked to cater to South African packhouses and works exceptionally well for local distribution as well as exports. Upper Edge Products offer a cost-effective hotmelt solution that is ideal for both high and low temperatures.



Industry: Agriculture
Bag Size: 25Kg
Base: EVA
Ambient Temp (°C): 0 – 30
Operating Temp (°C): 150 -170
Yield: 4 out of 5
Uses: Simple Box Erecting and cost-effective “Money Maker”


Industry: Agriculture
Bag Size: 25Kg
Base: EVA
Ambient Temp (°C): 15 – 50
Operating Temp (°C): 160 – 180
Yield: 4 out of 5
Uses: High Temperature


Industry: Agriculture
Bag Size: 25Kg
Base: EVA
Ambient Temp (°C): -5 – 35
Operating Temp (°C): 160 – 180
Yield: 5 out of 5
Uses: Low Temperature

We know everyone needs a good night sleep and therefore we are proud to present the latest development for pocket spring assembly from DuranteVivan. Pocket springs have developed into very specific and specialised products. DuranteVivan has developed a hot melt adhesive that meets the high standards that the industry requires for the latest pocket spring assembly lines and wide range of materials used.


1. High bond strength to different non wovens
2. No stringing
3. Suitable for roll-packing
4. Excellent cohesion strength



Industry: Pocket Spring Assembly
Bag Size: 25Kg
Base: EVA
Operating Temp (°C): 140 – 180
Yield: 5 out of 5
Application: Suited for all standard nozzle or spray applications on manual or automatic lines. Both for vertical and horizontal application.

Our range of Acrylic Décor Adhesive & Fillers are ideal for Cornice, Dado Rail, PS Ceiling Tiles, 3D Wall Art, Ceiling medallions, Corbels, Skirting and many other decorative building materials.


Polystyrene and polyurethane cornices and other decorative products such as dado rails, architraves, polystyrene ceiling tiles, pvc wall cladding, kitchens finishes, bathroom finishes, crack filling, windows and doors.


1. Surface must be dry, clean and dust free.
2. Tool within 5 minutes before material skims over.
3. Excess adhesive can be removed with a damp cloth before it dries.


Store in a cool dry place with temperatures not exceeding 30°c.


1. Avoid eye contact.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Use in well ventilated areas.


UEP Acrylic Adhesive & Filler

310ml, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 5l
Upper Edge Acrylic Adhesive & Filler is a multipurpose sealant with excellent adhesion to most construction substrates. It is paintable, elastic, has a high resistance to UV light and is water resistant when cured. It remains permanently intact, even under extreme conditions.

FixPrix Acrylic Adhesive & Filler

280ml, 2kg, 5kg
FixPrix Décor Adhesive is a multipurpose one-part acrylic sealant with good adhesion to most construction substrates, even under extreme weather conditions. This product is ideal for interior and exterior use. FixPrix  Decor Adhesive is paintable and can be cleaned up with water. This product remains permanently elastic, has high UV and water resistance once cured.

INSTABOND is a two-part, fast setting super glue with an aerosol type accelerator. INSTABOND is suitable for fixing or bonding Wood, Timber, Melamine, MDF, Chip Board, Masonry, Marble, Granite, Cement, Rubber, Leather, Glass and Ceramics.


1. Quick setting time,
2. Strong and durable bond,
3. Easy application,
4. Suitable for porous substrates.


Step 1: Identify surface ‘A’ and surface ‘B’. These ate the two surfaces that need to be stuck together.
Step 2: Wipe surface ‘A’ and surface ‘B’ down with a damp cloth/ Ensure that both surfaces are dust, oil and grime free.
Step 3: Prior to application, shake the accelerator can 15 – 20 times.
Step 4: Apply glue to surface ‘A’ and the accelerator to surface ‘B’.
Step 5: Hold surface ‘A’ and surface ‘B’ together for a minimum of 3 seconds.


Store between 5°C and 25°C in a cool and dry place.


50ml Super Glue & 200ml Accelerator

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