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Trellis Blue Con-Tact Paper

Size: 2m x 450mm Rolls

This self-adhesive surface cover is repositional within 24 hours, is water-resistant, and can be used for lining drawers and shelves, revamping furniture, covering books and files, arts and craft, DIY, and many more.

Application  Tips:

  1. Clean surface thoroughly
  2. Cut the Con-Tact paper 2cm bigger than area of application.
  3. When joining, allow a 2cm overlap.
  4. Apply even pressure using the Con-Tact Squeegee.
  5. Bubbles & Creases? Either lift and relay or simply prick with a pin and smooth away.
  6. The bonding glue allows the Con-Tact paper to be repositioned within 24 hours.


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